Speed Drawing #3: Scarlet Witch (The Avengers: Age Of Ultron)

Welcome to the latest installment of The Weibcomics Speed Sketch featuring SCARLET WITCH from Marvel Comics’ The Avengers: Age of Ultron! Scarlet Witch, The Avengers, Ultron, and all related characters and indicia are property of Marvel Comics and Disney, 2014.


I drew this piece based on the Scarlet Witch concept art Marvel released last week. In recent set photos from the upcoming sequel’s shoot, her outfit is slightly different, but I opted to go with the concept art design as I thought the white dress would go well with the rest of the colors in her outfit. I referenced what her stockings and boots looked like in the stock photos but streamlined them.


I started this with a thumbnail. This was drawn digitally, but I still sketched this pose out very small. I referenced a Frank Cho pin-up of Scarlet Witch from her Wiki page, which featured how Scarlet Witch’s hands are posed when she uses magic. I did a couple passes at how to pose the legs but once I got this pose I moved on to fleshing out her proportions.


Figuring out how to draw her hair was tricky. At first I wanted to capture the “upwind” look of her hair in the concept art but it was tricky getting that right, so I just drew her hair falling naturally but still wanted it to have some movement. Her hands were tricky, particularly her left hand. I drew a few different poses for that and settled on a clasped hand so I could move on with the rest of the drawing and not fuss with it too long. I have to remind myself doing these that this is a Speed Drawing and there will inevitably be parts of the drawing process that will get edited out in the final video.




I wanted to light the character with some ‘up-lighting’, as if the headlights from a car were gaining on her. The color selection was made easy by the concept art, as I really like the palette they selected. I wanted to give her kinda pale skin, as a nod to her look in X-Men Evolution. I also went with more orange shade of red for her hair so it wasn’t too close to her coat.


Here’s the final version! I hope you enjoyed reading about this process. I love The Avengers, from live-action to animation and the original comics, so I’ll definitely consider drawing more of those iterations of the characters in the future. If you have a particular Avenger you’d like to see drawn, please let me know in the comments below!

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