Authors Take Note: The Amazon Fire Phone


Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled the Amazon Fire Phone at an event today in Seattle, WA.

Amazon’s sleek new device will be the first and only phone to feature the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library:

The Lending Library features over 500,000 titles, including many New York Times bestsellers. Books borrowed from the Lending Library have no due date and can be delivered to other Kindle devices registered to your Amazon account.

The phone will feature WhisperSync, which allow users to listen to an audio version of a book while on the go & continue where you left off on a Kindle or Kindle app later.

Bottom line is, the Amazon Fire Phone offers another device for readers to discover self-published works. Plus, with Amazon’s purchase of Comixology, it’ll be interesting how much visibility digital comics will get on its fresh new phone and well known tablet devices.

The phone arrives July 25.

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