Ebook Sales Climb For Self-Publishers As Traditional Publishers Raise Prices, Lose Market Share

The May 2015 Author Earnings Report has arrived. If you’re not familiar, AuthorEarnings is a website by authors and for authors, which gathers and shares information so that writers can make informed decisions, and the site also calls for change within the publishing community for better pay and fairer terms in all contracts. The gist of this month’s report is when publishers work to protect print sales by favoring high ebook prices, self-publishers prosper with the proven approach of “elastic” ebook pricing. Publishers hurt themselves by marking up high ebook prices only to get a smaller earnings, while self-publishers remain dynamic with their prices and prosper. Via the May 2015 Author Earnings Report:

Publishers fought hard to take back control of ebook pricing from Amazon. This was a stated intent by Hachette to its investors in 2014, and it was touted as the end result of their lengthy negotiations. What has that control brought?

By our data, which matches industry reports, this control has brought higher prices to consumers, lower sales for publishers, and less earnings for their authors. It has also brought greater market share for self-published authors, which is why many were pulling for publishers to get their way during negotiations with Amazon.

If you plan to self-publish as I do, make sure to read the entire report.

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2 comments on “Ebook Sales Climb For Self-Publishers As Traditional Publishers Raise Prices, Lose Market Share
  1. augustmacgregor says:

    Good to see that indie publishers are getting a bigger market share. Maybe along with the story about cost, are readers getting over the stereotype that indie publishers are a bunch of amateurs who can’t write a good story? I certainly hope so. Thanks for the tip-off that a new Authors Earning report is out — these have some great insights.

    • weibblog says:

      Glad to help spread the word! Yeah I think Indies are breaking that stereotype exceedingly well by hiring editors, formatters, and cover designers to deliver the best product possible. Editing services have become very affordable and worth the investment so there’s no reason not to. I think Indie authors will always have to do their due-diligence to ensure quality control but they are more than capable to stand toe to toe with “publisher vetted” releases.

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