Comic Blitz Set To Offer Up Netflix-style Digital Comics Service

Read Newsarama’s full Interview with the CEO of Comic Blitz, Jordan Plosky, where he discusses the mission and future of this Netflix-style service!

Newsarama: Jordan, what is Comic Blitz?

Jordan Plosky: Comic Blitz is basically like Netflix, except for digital comics. So customers, users, people who like comics get to pay $9.99 a month for access to everything that we have in terms of content on the platform.

So once you pay your access fee, you get to read whatever it is that you want that we have available.

Nrama: So it’s on demand access to comics content that you’ve hosted on Comic Blitz.

Plosky: Exactly. So, instead of walking into a store and saying “Oh that kind of looks cool, maybe I should buy that, or maybe I should be that,” once you pay your admission fee into the club, you get to do whatever you want in that store. You can read absolutely everything that we have to offer.

Read the full article here.

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