Amazon Lobs Lumberyard at Self-Publishers

Lumberyard_WeibblogThat is, Amazon just launched its own #selfpub-friendly video game engine, Lumberyard, which is free to download and requires no fees or obligations to share revenue (unless a developer utilizes online multiplayer).

Via Kotaku:

It’s particularly noteworthy that the engine is completely free. If you look at its competitors, like Unity, Unreal Engine 4, or even CryEngine itself, for example, all of them come with either a license fee or a royalty fee.

This is good news for self-publishers in general, whether you’re a video game developer in need of a game engine to create your game, or an author interested in adapting their creator-owned projects for game-play.

It’s also worth noting that Lumberyard doesn’t have to be used exclusively for video game creation:

Q. Can I use Lumberyard for non-game purposes, such as architecture, simulations, and animated movies?

Yes, please do.

That’s great news for architects, engineers, filmmakers, and animators, too then. Architects have free to use software like Google Sketchup, which is very handy, and Animators have free to use software like Blender, but having access to another tool to help you create is always a good thing.

Amazon is providing some very cool tools and outlets for creators to use.

It’s a great time to be a self-publisher!

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