This Is How You Do A Book Trailer

This is how it’s done. This is the book trailer for Kairos, a french graphic novel by Author/Illustrator Ulysse Malassagne. Animated by Studio La Cachette. This is a perfect example of two important points. The first point is hand-drawn animation is powerful and deeply engaging to the viewer on a level unique to itself. The secondContinue reading “This Is How You Do A Book Trailer”

Support The Book of Mojo on Indiegogo!

Via Hitfix, Former Pixar and Dreamworks animators have teamed up to turn Everett Downing‘s self-published webcomic, The Book of Mojo,  into a 3D animated short, and they need your help to fund the pilot episode! The story of “Book of Mojo” centers around Creepy, a homeless teenage witch in search of her missing father. Then Mojo, aContinue reading “Support The Book of Mojo on Indiegogo!”

The “Branding” Process

Via Kotaku: BASIC is a design agency that does something pretty unique, at least in the world of video games: instead of just doing concept art, or making logos, or promotional art, they kinda do a combination of all of it, helping give a game – which might otherwise be a pitch and some mechanicsContinue reading “The “Branding” Process”

The Making of Glen Keane’s “Duet”

Discovered this video Via toonzone news: A behind the scenes look at the making of Google ATAP’s Spotlight Story, “Duet”. Directed by Disney Animator Glen Keane, “Duet” is a celebration of life through the hand-drawn line. The “Making of Duet” shares the team, the technology and the art behind the creation of this beautiful interactive film.Continue reading “The Making of Glen Keane’s “Duet””

Kickstarter: Support Cannon Busters: The Animated Series Pilot

Via Kickstarter: Cannon Busters is an animated adventure about the value of friendship and just how far one is willing to go to maintain it. If The Wizard of Oz met the Hidden Fortress with influences derived from Escaflowne, hip-hop, and classic RPGs — you get Cannon Busters, one wild ride of fun, suspense, action,Continue reading “Kickstarter: Support Cannon Busters: The Animated Series Pilot”