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Hugh Howey On The Liliana Nirvana Technique

Via Hugh Howey’s Official Site:

So what exactly is it?

The idea is this: Annual releases are too slow to build on one another. And not just in the repetition of getting eyeballs on your works, but in how online recommendation algorithms work. Liliana suggests publishing 5 works all at once. Same day. And she thinks you should have another work sitting there ready to go a month later. While these works are gaining steam, write the next work, which if you write and edit in two months, will hit a month after the “hole” work.

Why does this work? I think it has to do with “impressions,” or the number of times people see a product before they decide to take a chance on it. (In this case, the product is your name.) It also has to do with recommendation algorithms and how new works are treated on various online bestseller lists. From my own experience, I know that it was following WOOL with four more rapid releases that helped my career take off. I followed these five releases a month later with FIRST SHIFT, and I released a work every three or four months after that (SECOND SHIFT, I, ZOMBIE, THIRD SHIFT, plus several short works).

You can read his entire post here. Originally discovered this link thanks to the always informative & invaluable Kboards! If you plan to self-publish, make sure to bookmark Kboards and join their site!

The “Branding” Process

Branding ImageVia Kotaku:

BASIC is a design agency that does something pretty unique, at least in the world of video games: instead of just doing concept art, or making logos, or promotional art, they kinda do a combination of all of it, helping give a game – which might otherwise be a pitch and some mechanics – a “brand”.

Click the image above to read the full story and see BASIC’s work.

If you’re an author, cartoonist, or filmmaker with a self-published project, BASIC’s portfolio is a great example of ways to approach the overall branding of your work.

Microsoft Developing an Xbox Reader App for Books, Comics & More?

GIZMODO has spotted a recent Microsoft job listing aiming to build a groundbreaking interactive reading app on Windows, which incorporates books, magazines, and comics. More from Gizmodo’s article below:

The ad describes a position in the Xbox Music, Video, and Reading (MVR) team, which would help put together the reading app for use on Windows 8, and perhaps other platforms.

Read the full article here!


This is very promising news, especially if Microsoft opens channels for Self-Publishers like Amazon & the iBookstore have…