Anyone Thankful Gizmodo Has Gobbled Up io9?

Being that I’m writing this before Thanksgiving, and that no ETA is given for when the merge will happen, I’ve opted for a holiday-themed headline for this news because why not, really:

Via Comics Beat

Will any geeks news sites be left standing as 2015 draws to a close? I would have thought io9, the nerd part of the Gawker media empire, would have been the safest, but I guess it couldn’t pull its weight as a standalone brand, and has just been folded into Gizmodo, the massively huge and popular tech blog.

So am I thankful Gizmodo has gobbled up io9? No. I’m sad to see that io9 won’t remain as its own brand. What I’ve appreciated about io9 is the attention it’s given authors and novels, regardless if they covered traditionally published books or self-published ones. Mainly, I’ve always turned to io9 as a solid source of TV, Movies, and Comics news, so finding it as a “section”of the Gizmodo brand will be an adjustment. It’s disappointing but I’m glad io9 will still have a presence that will hopefully remain  strong!

Drew Weing on The Creepy Casefiles of Margo Maloo

Do you read Heidi MacDonald’s The Beat? You should be reading The Beat. MacDonald is great at shedding light on kid-lit graphic novels and comics news, and is often the source I find these stories. She reports that First Second is set to publish Drew Weing’s The Creepy Casefiles of Margo Maloo next year. Weing’s design and storytelling are skillfull and wonderful – BOOM(!) word-combo: wonder-skillfull – in the preview pages included, and I’m very interested to check this series out!

On Twitter, Weing links readers to three complete chapters of The Creepy Casefiles of Margo Maloo that available to read for FREE:

Weibblog Twitter News Round-up

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