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Self-Pub: “The sky isn’t falling. The world is turning.”

Sky Gazing: Is the sky falling for self-published authors? Is the gold rush over? My thoughts. — Hugh Howey (@hughhowey) January 14, 2015 Via Hugh Howey: You may have heard the sky is falling. You may have heard that

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Hugh Howey On The Liliana Nirvana Technique

Via Hugh Howey’s Official Site: So what exactly is it? The idea is this: Annual releases are too slow to build on one another. And not just in the repetition of getting eyeballs on your works, but in how online

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EPIC: Fourteen Books of Fantasy

1,000,000 words of epic fiction for 99 cents. Now at #41 on all of Amazon. Some awesome peeps in this boxset: — Hugh Howey (@hughhowey) December 12, 2014 This is an example of how self-published eBooks are awesome for

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Authors: Check Out The DBW Writers’ Survey!

The annual DBW Writers’ Survey is here! Please participate and spread far and wide: Let’s RT the hell out of this! — Hugh Howey (@hughhowey) November 19, 2014

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Warm-up head #sketch in #AdobeSketch for #iPad. Drawn with #AdobeInk #stylus. Played with two design elements I don't usually incorporate in my characters: Decided to try out the solid color "red stuffy nose" design element I see a lot in #characterdesign these days, and opted to give him a long #SamuraiJack style jawline! EDIT: Apparently, the red nose style has a name: "Tumblr Nose"#tumblrnose #illustration #doodling #conceptart #quickdraw #design #digitalart #process