Help Greg Weisman Kickstart Full Cast AudioPlay of Rain of the Ghosts

Greg Weisman (Star Wars Rebels, Young Justice, Gargoyles) has launched a Kickstarter to adapt his YA paranormal novel RAIN OF THE GHOSTS into a full-cast AudioPlay:

I’m proud of these books. They tell a story that’s a complex tapestry, steeped in real history, authentic culture and actual mythology, with healthy doses of fantasy, humor, horror and even a little romance.

These are the adventures of Rain Cacique, a young girl descended from the indigenous Taíno people of the Caribbean. Rain lives on the Ghost Keys, a chain of islands on the edge of the Bermuda Triangle, where her parents own and run a Bed & Breakfast that is both Rain’s home and place of employment. Over the course of the first book, Rain goes from making beds for tourists to learning she has the ability to communicate with ghosts. Rain has a mystery to solve, a mission to accomplish and a destiny to fulfill. I can honestly guarantee that if you enjoy the sensibility, characters, plotting and surprises I’ve brought to such series as Gargoyles and Young Justice, you’ll love Rain of the Ghosts.

Now, we’re in the process of bringing that first novel to life as a Rain of the Ghosts AudioPlay. This is not a standard audiobook recording, with one guy reading a novel from front to back, struggling to play all the characters, male and female, without any help from music or effects. No, this is a full cast recording: an unabridged AudioPlay with twenty actors, sound effects and a full musical score. It’s got everything but the visuals – and I promise it’ll fire your imagination enough so that the images will be there too – right inside your head. This is a studio-quality production without any studio backing or studio interference. (Frankly, that’s why our goal is as high as it is.)

Weisman has assembled an amazing cast including Edward Asner (The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Gargoyles, Up), Steve Blum (The Spectacular Spider-Man, Star Wars Rebels), Jim Cummings (Gargoyles, Darkwing Duck, Winnie the Pooh), Josh Keaton (The Spectacular Spider-Man, Green Lantern: The Animated Series), and more!

Make sure to check out the official Kickstarter campaign page for more info!

Kickstarter: Support Legend of Novo – Book 2

Legend of Novo - Book 2 Kickstarter
Via Kickstarter:

The Legend of Novo book series is about ordinary people with extraordinary gifts. It is a story of time traveling and the power to observe and learn from humanity’s past mistakes at the risk of creating new ones.

Hello, my name is Amir Avitzur and I am the creator of the Legend of Novo. A year ago I was inspired by the amazing generosity and support of many kickstarter backers for making my dream, the completion of my first comic book, the Legend of Novo – Witch Hunt a reality. You can read the entire Book 1 online at

A funny thing happens when you achieve a dream of yours, your dream becomes bigger, Much bigger! I want to give you more! I have to give you much more! It took me years to find the courage, time and the talented people which will help me bring to life the story of Novo, and now that I have found it, the Legend of Novo has to continue.

You can start reading Book 1 here! Follow Legend of Novo on Tumblr and on Facebook!

SLJ’s Good Comics For Kids Interviews Indie Comics Creator Kel McDonald

Sorcery 101 on Kickstarter

Via Robot 6 at CBR, SLJ’s Good Comics For Kids interviews independent comics creator Kel McDonald.

McDonald details how she earns a living as an indie creator, via self-publishing, traditional publishing, Kickstarter, and Patreon. Make sure to check out her webcomic Sorcery 101, her Kickstarter campaign,  and her Misfits of Avalon Volume 1 TPB.

Kel McDonald can be found on Twitter here.

Kickstarter: Support Cannon Busters: The Animated Series Pilot

Via Kickstarter:

Cannon Busters is an animated adventure about the value of friendship and just how far one is willing to go to maintain it. If The Wizard of Oz met the Hidden Fortress with influences derived from Escaflowne, hip-hop, and classic RPGs — you get Cannon Busters, one wild ride of fun, suspense, action, and wackiness. It’s a roadshow-style adventure of epic proportions!

Among the creative behind Cannon Busters are Creator/Director/Writer LeSean Thomas Contributing Character Designer Joe Madureira, and Japanese Animation Studio Satelight Inc.. Make sure to check out their Kickstarter page by clicking the image above. My original tweet supporting this campaign can be retweeted below: