The “Branding” Process

Branding ImageVia Kotaku:

BASIC is a design agency that does something pretty unique, at least in the world of video games: instead of just doing concept art, or making logos, or promotional art, they kinda do a combination of all of it, helping give a game – which might otherwise be a pitch and some mechanics – a “brand”.

Click the image above to read the full story and see BASIC’s work.

If you’re an author, cartoonist, or filmmaker with a self-published project, BASIC’s portfolio is a great example of ways to approach the overall branding of your work.

Kickstarter: Support Legend of Novo – Book 2

Legend of Novo - Book 2 Kickstarter
Via Kickstarter:

The Legend of Novo book series is about ordinary people with extraordinary gifts. It is a story of time traveling and the power to observe and learn from humanity’s past mistakes at the risk of creating new ones.

Hello, my name is Amir Avitzur and I am the creator of the Legend of Novo. A year ago I was inspired by the amazing generosity and support of many kickstarter backers for making my dream, the completion of my first comic book, the Legend of Novo – Witch Hunt a reality. You can read the entire Book 1 online at

A funny thing happens when you achieve a dream of yours, your dream becomes bigger, Much bigger! I want to give you more! I have to give you much more! It took me years to find the courage, time and the talented people which will help me bring to life the story of Novo, and now that I have found it, the Legend of Novo has to continue.

You can start reading Book 1 here! Follow Legend of Novo on Tumblr and on Facebook!

Mob City Script Billed as ‘First TV Screenplay to be Adapted for Twitter?’

I’m a huge fan of Frank Darabont. His initial run as showrunner of The Walking Dead brought the best episodes of the series in my opinion. It’s on Netflix. Recommended binge-watching.

Darabont’s next series, Mob City, pits mobsters against police for control of 1940s Los Angeles. The series features one of my favorite actors from The Walking Dead, Jon Bernthal. 

The Mob City website touts a Mob City Twitter Preview, which consists of tweet after tweet of lines from the screenplay with accompanying photos & videos from the premiere using #MobScript:

And so on… Tweet… after Tweet… after Tweet.

Is this an effective marketing strategy for the series? Is this a reader-friendly way of sharing the screenplay? It’s an interesting experiment, and I’m not sure “First Screenplay to be Adapted for Twitter” is much of a draw to anyone, but it’s interesting their marketing team ran with that angle. As a fan interested to see this series, I can’t say this engages me and I’m not sure I’d advocate this strategy for building interest in a series, whether it’s a TV series, comic, or novel.

Thoughts? Please leave a comment below!